Productivity, Inc. Presents the Lean Innovation Symposium
Register Now: October 6-10, 2008: Nashville, TN

About The Conference

Manufacturing organizations continue to operate under extreme pressure to produce quality products at competitive prices in a global marketplace. They are dealing with the realities of increased global competition, soaring energy prices, the continued erosion of the industry and so much more. To be successful, leaders must build and then manage a super-enterprise -- an enterprise in which all resources – both human and physical – are working in harmony to allow the organization to grow – and to ensure growth over the long term.

Today, manufacturing is not simply about manufacturing it is also about mobilizing and empowering all the members of your organization and focusing them on improvement activities that will achieve the company’s objectives. It is about creating; facilitating a focused inspiration and developing that inspiration into a product or product improvement. It is about changes in management style, materials and information flows, and company culture. To be successful, today’s super-enterprise must innovate and create and do so in an effective and efficient manner.

This conference will feature organizations and industry leaders who have been successful meeting the challenges of today’s workplace. Learn how they significantly reduced lead-times, increased capabilities, achieved greater flexibility, and a healthier bottom-line. Gain valuable insights on how they dramatically changed their production environments, restored their equipment and turned employees into empowered associates fully committed to the change process. Join us in Nashville for this peer to peer, international Lean learning event and learn how you too can build innovative products; committed people; and enterprise wide success!

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